Robert und Edward Skidelsky beim irischen Präsidenten

In einer Rede am 15. Oktober im Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) in Dublin hat der irische Präsident Michael D. Higgins unsere Autoren Robert und Edward Skidelsky gewürdigt.

Wir zitieren aus The Irish Times: “’I believe that there is a unifying force in an appeal towards making a fresh beginning in the crafting of our shared European space.’ The president’s address was a response to the book ‘How Much is Enough?’ by Robert and Edward Skidelsky. President Higgins said the Skidelkys had made an important claim in relocating the issue of work within the wider frame of ‘the good life’ as defined by the economist Keynes who in an essay in 1930 predicted that future generations would work only enough to live ‘wisely, agreeably, and well.’”

Das Bild zeigt Michael D. Higgins und Sabina Higgins mit Robert Skidelsky (links) und Edward Skidelsky im Institute of International European Affairs in Dublin (Foto: Eric Luke/The Irish Times)

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