Arezu Weitholz
When the night is so still

224 Pages
published in September 2012

ISBN 978-3-88897-775-6

Arezu Weitholz

When the night is so still

And it is precisely this moment that Anna seizes to tell Ludwig things she has
never told him. In the eight months they’ve been together, no-one has ever
known, and she has never spoken of the fragments of her life-of her father’s
suicide, her mother in care home, of South Africa and her life there, of the drugs,
the parties, the violence, the pain. None of that fitted into Ludwig’s world, where
all that mattered was power and success, the right style, the right music..and
where anything that ruffled feathers would simply be blanked.
But now something is seriously out of kilter and Ludwig - high flier, editor for special
assignments with a Hamburg society magazine, someone with all the answers,
solitary, diligent, elitist - has taken sleeping tablets, maybe even an overdose...
Anna doesn’t know. She sits by his bed and, like Scheherazade, tells her
story. Can he hear her?

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