Peng + Hu

194 Pages
published in September 2015

ISBN 978-3-95614-068-6
Rights sold:
China (Shanghai Shuyi Ltd.)
English world except USA & Canada (Thames & Hudson)
Estonia (Hea Lugu)
Finland (Johnny Kniga)
Israel (Kinneret Zmora Dvir)
Italy (Rizzoli)
Norway (Spartacus Förlag)
Netherland (Uitgeverij De Harmonie)
Poland (PWN)
South Korea (Sigongsa)
Spain (Sexto Piso)

Peng + Hu


Hirameki is a fl ash of inspiration, a sense of elation and unexpected satisfaction. Random splashes of colour, upon refl ection, open up sublimely and – with the addition of just a few dots and lines – reveal their true nature, in perfect harmony with the imagination of the gazer.

To each blot
Add line and dot.
Wait and see
What each might be.
Amazingly simple
Simply amazing.

Stirred by this discovery, internationally renowned artists Peng + Hu have created the first standard work of blot and doodle history. With an array of carefully selected blots and splashes of ink, watercolour and red wine, they present a masterclass in Hirameki. Armed with their comprehensive study, guidance and suggestions, enthusiasts of all ages can learn the seven steps to Hirameki.

The Author

The artists Peng + Hu discovered the Hirameki phenomenon on papers where they dabbed their paintbrushes, on studio floors and walls, and on their shirts. From this they developed an ingenious art form for everyone. Their masterly achievement has been decorated with the Order of the Blot and two