Max Bronski / Tim Bergmann
I am become death

400 Pages
published in January 2013

ISBN 978-3-88897-778-7

Max Bronski / Tim Bergmann

I am become death

Richard Eulmann, the former steward of Ottenrain Castle, is found dead in a
lonely hunting lodge. Shot in the back of the head, executed in his Japanese garden.
The perpetrator has ransacked the lodge but left no clues as to their identity.
The brutal crime rocks the quiet life of Tino Senoner, the protege and sole heir of
the mysterious old man. His inheritance: a single notebook headed by
Oppenheimer’s famous words „I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds“. The
murderer can only have been looking for this notebook and Tino Senoner begins
his own investigations: who exactly was Richard Eulmann anyway and who
would want him dead?
His enquiries lead him deep into Cold-War machinations, to a time when world
powers were using any means at their disposal to gain influence , to an imbroglio
of secret-service intrigue and academic rivalry and to a young and gifted physicist
working on a formula which threatens all humanity...

The Author

Max Bronski was born in Munich in 1964. Before turning to crime writing, he studied theology and music science. He lives in Munich. His novel Der Tod bin ich was published by Kunstmann in 2013.

The Speaker