Hermann Fischer
Material Change
Paving the way for solar chemistry in the 21st century

304 Pages
published in September 2012

ISBN 978-3-88897-784-8

Hermann Fischer

Material Change

Chemical reactions are the basis of all life. They are also an essential part of industrial processing, and for more than a century we have seen the uncontested domination of manufacturing by „hard“ chemistry, i.e. based on petrochemicals. The toxic derivatives of petroleum are still widely used in the production of some 90% of items we take for granted in everyday life. The consequences of this for nature and the environment are only too familiar. Less well known is that there are alternatives and that a material change to renewable resources is possible
and indeed imperative. Whether for building materials, paints or packaging, in textiles, cosmetics or stet-of-the-art car-making, the full potential of sustainable
chemistry is still waiting to be exploited.
Hermann Fischer is a chemist and entrepreneur, and a pioneer and advocate of the use of renewable raw materials. Star ting out from the biochemistry of our
own metabolism, Fischer uses his in-depth knowledge and vast experience to open the eyes of his readers to the magic of substances and their compounds as
they shape our material environment. He illustrates that, parallel to the changes in perception and provision of energy generation, a material change is also long
overdue in the chemical industry: our economies can only ever be sustainable if we harness the power of the sun.

The Author

Hermann Fischer is the founder (1983) of AURO Natural Paints. His campaigning work for an alternative chemistry has enjoyed international recognition. In 1992 he was named WWF/Capital “Eco Manager of the Year” and in 1999 received the Friends of the Earth Environmental Prize. His book Stoff-Wechsel....