Michael Sowa
Stinky Hollow by Bottom Tops

32 Pages
published in September 2012

ISBN 978-3-88897-795-4
Rights sold:
Japan (Kodansha)
Korea (Thoughts of a Tree Publishing)

Michael Sowa

Stinky Hollow by Bottom Tops

Michael Sowa has written and illustrated a children’s book that plays with everything children love: there’s a greedy dragon who lives in the mountain and lets rip fiery farts which engulf the whole village in pestilent clouds; there’s Squire Heribert, the reluctant champion of the people, sent to slay the beast; there’s the villagers themselves, eating beans and peas to beat the dragon at his own game; and there’s King Achim, marching the dragon away to solve a problem of his own.
With its wit and poetic charm, Stinky Hollow will take children’s hearts by storm. So let’s all go to Stinky Hollow!

The Author

Michael Sowa, born 1945, has spent his life in Berlin. He studied art and education, and has been a freelance artist since 1975. Olaf Gulbransson Prize (1995).
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