Hermann Scheer
The Energethical Imperative
100% now: How to achieve complete conversion to renewable energies

272 Pages
published in September 2010

ISBN 978-3-88897-683-4
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Hermann Scheer

The Energethical Imperative

25.000 copies sold!

There has never been a better time for an inventory of the energy debate as it stands. As lip service is paid to renewable energies at the negotiating table and we engage in heady discussions of “bridging technologies” and ambitious projects like DESERTEC (supplying solar energy to Europe from the Sahara), we are in real danger of losing sight of the true objective, which has to be 100% conversion to renewables now.
Complete conversion to renewables is feasible. Failure to tackle this challenge without delay is tantamount to a reckless disregard for reality and raises the spectre of ever more frequent and ever more devastating crises.
Accelerating change is therefore the crux of Hermann Scheer’s new book. The pugnacious politician and world-renowned solar expert sheds light upon the true nature of the apparent consensus which stymies even sections of the environmental movement. He shows where there are real conflicts of interest and names those who have obstructed or blocked progress. But, above all, he drafts a realistic balance sheet of the various proposals according to their impact and chances of success. And he describes key projects which can accelerate conversion to 100% renewables and render superfluous all nuclear and fossil fuel “bridging technologies”.
Essential reading. Hermann Scheer encourages us all to look upon the dynamics of change as an unmissable commercial opportunity as well as both an economic and an ethical imperative.

The Author

Hermann Scheer was an economist and social scientist and has been a member of the German parliament since 1980. He was president of EUROSOLAR and chair of the World Council for Renewable Energies. He was instrumental in the enactment of Germany’s Renewable Energy Law (2000 and 2009) and recently...