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Coverbild And Then One Fine Summer's Day You End Up There von Loretta Walz, ISBN 978-3-88897-388-8
432 Pages

Loretta Walz

And Then One Fine Summer's Day You End Up There

The Women of Ravensbrück

More than 12 000 prisoners passed through Ravensbrück, the largest women's concentration camp of the Nazi era, located just 50 miles from Berlin. For the past twenty-five years Loretta Walz has videoed interviews with women from fifteen European countries about their experiences in Ravensbrück. From these video interviews, Walz has selected for this book women whose stories have never been told before. They were political activists, deeply religious women, academics, Jews and those who were never meant to find out the reason for their arrest. Walz lets her interviewees speak for themselves and aims to create a unique portrait of their lives. Their testimony bears witness to the terrible humiliation, loneliness, deceit and betrayal they suffered; and to how difficult liberation was and how few opportunities there were to speak openly about their experiences. Loretta Walz shows great sensitivity in her approach to the painful testimony of these last witnesses.

The Author

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