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Coverbild Clean Exit von Anne Chaplet, ISBN 978-3-88897-424-3
285 Pages

Rights sold:
Denmark (The Publishing House Son)

Anne Chaplet

Clean Exit

Dalia had done a good job: washing and shining the glasses, polishing the desk-top, wiping the telephone and even cleaning the computer keyboard. She had done everything as befits the chief executives office. But should she have been so thorough with the CEO lying dead on the floor? So, was this a natural death? An autopsy will establish that and until then there's no case. That's the way Karen Stark, public prosecutor in Frankfurt, views the Saitz file when it lands on her desk. But the dead man is a friend of her colleague, and he refuses to believe that a healthy man in his late forties simply drops dead.Will Bastian, 48 years old and a freelance local reporter, leaves his girlfriend and moves back in with his father. His friends don't believe his story about his father needing him. But that doesn't matter now because one of them is dead. And his sudden death confronts the others with a story they'd all rather forget. "

The Author

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