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Coverbild Farewells and New Beginnings von Gunter Hofmann, ISBN 978-3-88897-282-9
462 Pages

Gunter Hofmann

Farewells and New Beginnings

An Anatomy of the Federal Republic of Germany

"Although people are fond of saying so, it's simply not true that the Federal Republic of Germany is inflexible, discontented, pessimistic, and its politics correspondingly cautious, slow and uncertain. The civil society that the Federal Republic has become can often be relied upon more than many of its politicians." This is the basis of Gunter Hofmanns thesis and the overall conclusion his book reaches. It traces the history of the Federal Republic in its characteristic rhythm of new beginnings and farewells. Against this backdrop it provides an analysis of the political and intellectual state of the nation at present: to what has the "Berlin Republic" already bid farewell, what is genuinely new and what elements of continuity are proving constitutive?,

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