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Coverbild In the Beginning was Ecology von Aloys P. Hüttermann, ISBN 978-3-88897-313-0
189 Pages

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Korea (KwangGae To)

Aloys P. Hüttermann

In the Beginning was Ecology

The understanding of nature in the Old Testament

We often find it incomprehensible when religions impact upon the daily lives of the faithful, citing the Word of God. Why does the Bible, like other sacred texts, lay down in detail what may be eaten and what is "unclean"? Indeed, are these articles of religious faith or might there be other, "natural" reasons for them? The biologist A.P. Hüttermann addresses this very question and, in his natural scientific reading of the Old Testament, arrives at some surprising conclusions. If they were to subsist in an extremely barren area, the Jews had to work the land ecologically. The commandments recorded in the Bible reveal a careful approach to nature and a level of biological know-how. So was the Bible right and do some of Gods' commandments contain important ecological statements? As a book of knowledge drawing on many sources, the Bible certainly testifies to an understanding of nature which can teach us the errors of our destructive ways.

The Author

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