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Coverbild Rainer Erlinger answers questions of everyday morality von Rainer Erlinger, ISBN 978-3-88897-469-4
240 Pages

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Rainer Erlinger

Rainer Erlinger answers questions of everyday morality

Wherever you turn these days, people are wringing their hands at the decline of values in our societies. And yet peoples consciences are alive and well: witness the great success of Dr. Rainer Erlingers column "Questions of conscience" in the supplement of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany's biggest daily newspaper. Week in, week out, readers pose all kinds of questions pertaining to everyday morality. Say, for example, your'e pushing a pram along a pavement when a cyclist comes towards you. Should you stand your ground or move over to allow the cyclist to pass? Is it right to demand a tax refund of Euro 8.20 when you know it costs the state hundreds of euros to process your claim? Should you explain to your five-year-old godchild that there is no Father Christmas even though her parents cling to the legend?

The Author

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