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Welcome to our Foreign Rights Department

Dear colleagues,

Verlag Antje Kunstmann is an independent publishing house founded in 1976 and located in Munich. Kunstmann Verlag publishes fiction and non-fiction as well as illustrated and gift books.
In the following list you will find top titles frim our current program and backlist. You can also download our latest Foreign Rights Catalogue. If you are interested in any of our books, please let us know and we will send you a reading copy or pdf.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

Best regards
Moritz Kirschner

Foreign Rights Titles

A House for Many Summers

Many people dream of a house in the Mediterranean, of being away yet at one with themselves. But those who in fact own such a house have different dreams. They dream of… well, maybe of holidays?

In A House for many Summers, Axel Hacke writes about the magic of a place you don’t ...

24,00 € [D]

Third-degree Insult

A woman between two men – that’s the stuff great opera was once made of. Back in the day when men used to duel each other with all the tricks in the book. You can’t expect that nowadays. But if it happens unexpectedly, then what?

The police think it’s a bad joke when the psychiatrist Oskar B.

24,00 € [D]

Still Lifes

Still and life – ATAK’s still lifes are colourful, playful, magnificent, and poetic – they are vibrant and bright, full of life.

Boxes filled with countless collected items are stacked up in the studio of Berlin-based artist ATAK. From old comic figures to precious masks from all ...

38,00 € [D]

The Budgie‘s Fierce Fury

In an equally entertaining and loving way, Peter Probst tells the story of a generation on the verge of reform, one that no longer wants to accept everything as simply being the way it’s always been, and sketches a genre picture of the Federal German society of the 1970s – so far away and yet so close.

24,00 € [D]


In this extraordinarily well researched and elegantly written book, Karl Heinz Roth showcases how deeply the global pandemic has affected our societies and people’s everyday lives. A fundamental work that helps us to critically account for the crisis and avoid the likes in the future.

30,00 € [D]

The Night Kasimir Malewitsch Stole the Black Square

Hans Traxler is a wonderful narrator and a master of comical art. In these eight stories, he shines a light on the art scene in the most entertaining way.

Would Kasimir Malewitsch have created his legendary black square if it wasn’t for this now entirely forgotten group of anarchic ...

20,00 € [D]

Remembering Unknown Cities

2045. A catastrophe has caused human life to be thrown back into a meagre rural existence. Many find solace in faith, but the two teenagers Nathanael and Vanessa don’t wish to resign themselves to religion and so they run away. Their teacher, still remembering life before the incidence, is sent ...

24,00 € [D]


UTOP – in this novel, promises of happiness, humanity’s desires, and systems clash. Parallel and conflicting worlds appear in expeditions to virgin soil, interwoven by the story lines of last century’s German science fiction novels. This book is as labyrinthian and contradictory as it is concrete ...

25,00 € [D]

Caspar Plautz

This cookbook invites you to explore the world of the potato anew, making this modest root shine with old splendor through new recipes.
Tater, spud, earthapple, tuber, murphy – there are many names for the potato, and even more varieties of this “unfathomable blessing, emerging from the ...

30,00 € [D]
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