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36 Pages

Dirk Schmidt / Barbara Schmidt

Fed up of the hiccups?

Children have loved the little elephant ever since he hurt his trunk in Kamfu mir helfen? (Kink in the Conk). Now he has another problem: he can’t get rid of his hiccups. “Water’s the thing, I’ll have a drink. A trunk-full should do it, I think.”
And so he sets off for the nearest water hole. From afar he can see that lots of animals have gathered there: hippo, rhino, frog, giraffe, zebra, crocodile and monkey, a lion with a wild mane, guinea fowl, warthog and hyena. They all have a theory about how to get rid of hiccups: hold your breath, tell a joke, sing a song, count spots, do a headstand. Nothing works. But then the cheeky monkey has an idea.

The Author

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