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316 Pages

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France (Gaia Editions)

Kristof Magnusson


Larus Ludvigson had really been looking forward to Christmas in Reykjavik. Matilda and Svend, Milan and himself. He has nothing against Christmas, the problem is that Christmas often seems to have something against him. That's the way it looks this year: Matilda tells him at the airport that she and Svend have split up, and Milan hasn't come along after all. Nothing is quite as Larus had imagined in Hamburg. First he isn't allowed to borrow videos because according to Icelandic records he is dead. Then a jealous DJ kicks down his door. He takes refuge with Matilda and finds himself sharing with a drunken biochemist and a Slovakian volcanologist. But things finally spin out of control when Dagur falls in love with him and then crashes his Defender into a motorway service area. Suicide? Larus isn't involved but uncovers a secret and finds himself caught up in a family history that makes him confront his own Icelandic roots in a way he could never have thought possible.

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