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Rudi Hurzlmeier / Thomas Gsella

Nature’s a swine

No-one is quite so crazy about Nature as the Germans. As soon as ever the rain inadvertently stops, off they go into their beloved environment, to slip on wet leaves and guarantee the flu, or heat stroke and sunburn in summer. All the world’s ills, every misfortune comes from nature and what do the Germans do? They do what they like to do best: they identify with the aggressor and become one with the swine.
Becoming one with Nature: for lyricist and satirist Thomas Gsella, that is never an option. You have to put up a fight with poems, laments and tirades. Rail against puddles and ticks, birds and meadows, hedgehogs and roots, against water, ravines and trees, against the sun, the moon and the stars… oh, and against clover, of course.
Humour means: laugh all the same,
But no one laughs at clover.
There’s a dark magic in its name –
All those four-leaves puzzled over.

With Thomas Gsella’s poems in your daypack, you can confidently head out into Nature, safe in the knowledge that you can face all challenges with wit and high spirits. Sound like a plan?

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