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176 Pages

Sonja Riker / Patrick Wittmann

Soup Heaven

20,000 copies sold in 4 months!

Not so very long ago Sonja Riker was a successful radio journalist, head of a department at Bavaria Radio … and a working mother who wanted to make sure her young daughter had a warm and nourishing lunch every day. So, how do you set about achieving that? Well, every Sunday Sonja Riker put a pot of chicken or beef and vegetables on the stove and let everything simmer away gently to create a wonderful stock – the foundation for a week’s supply of imaginative soups and stews.
In October 2006 she took her passion for great soup to a wider audience, opening her café on Munich’s famous Elisabeth Market. Word spread quickly that her soups warmed the heart – and the soul – and were the perfect pick-me-up in the middle of a busy day. Today Sonja Riker’s Soup Kitchen is a popular haunt of soup fans from far and near. And those who can’t get there in person are now buying her cookbook to make their own. Her award-winning recipes have become a surprise hit in the cookbook market. Thanks to Patrick Wittmann’s wonderful photos, the book is also a feast for the eyes!

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