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112 Pages

Gabriele von Arnim / Christiane Grefe / Susanne Mayer / Evelyn Roll / Elke Schmitter

Democracy on the Line

What do we do?

All over Europe there’s a sense of democracy under attack. Nationalists and populists are on the march and citizens are realizing that liberal democracy is not a status quo to be taken for granted but an ongoing process which has to be safeguarded, maintained and energized. Five women writers, all renowned journalists, provide five different viewpoints. Their crash course in citizenship, complete with analysis, information, arguments, and success stories, shows people how to stand up for democracy.
Gabriele von Arnim writes a love letter to democracy. Christiane Grefe explains how globalization has weakened the state and politics in the service of the economy, resulting in a loss of public trust. But this is not some immutable law of nature: if people exert enough pressure, governments will strengthen the public good. Elke Schmitter reminds us that democratic utopias exist but are often overlooked. Evelyn Roll underlines how vitally important it is for democracy to call a lie a lie and to distinguish between reality and invention. Susanne Mayer celebrates positive examples of democratic engagement.

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