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Coverbild Winston or the dog who found me von Hilmar Klute,Dirk Schmidt, ISBN 978-3-88897-536-3
160 Pages

Rights sold: USA, UK (Veloce Publishing)

Hilmar Klute / Dirk Schmidt

Winston or the dog who found me

The dog's life of an accidental dog owner

The dog’s life of an accidental dog owner.

Dogs have never interested the writer and editor Hilmar Klute. But then, one day, Winston appears: bow-legged Winston with his bat ears and bottle nose, abandoned in a graveyard by mean people. Hilmar Klute's life will never be the same again. Winston makes it crystal clear that he wants to go home with him, and then proceeds to pee on the parquet, chew reading glasses, cushions and telephone cables, devastate the décor and guarantee sleepless nights. The never-longed-for canine turns out to be as stubborn as he is irresistible. And soon Winston is introducing his new "master" to worlds he never knew existed: he learns the do's and dont's of dog-walking in public places, can soon distinguish between the different breeds of dog owner and hold his own among the myriad dog experts. Every attempt to train Winston fails miserably and yet, quite unintentionally, provides Hilmar Klute with the material for this most unusual, immensely pleasurable rea

The Author

The Illustrator

Dirk Schmidt was born in 1980. He studied communication design and works as art director and illustrator.

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